An Original Kosher Bagel?

November 24, 2009

frozen "Original Kosher Bagel" found near the bacon at Nissin supermarket in Azabu Juban

I don’t know how original this bagel is, and I am very skeptical about its kosher-ness. Japanese packaging is fun(ny), though often confusing and misleading since a lot of the copy is lifted straight off of foreign products. Claims of being high quality, organic, or in this case, kosher, are usually merely for visual appeal. Nothing is creditable if it’s in English on a Japanese package. Do certificates of kashrut usually go directly on the packaging? So odd.

I found this bagel in a freezer case in a fancy shmancy international supermarket in the posh-ish area of Tokyo known as Azabu-Juban. I heard recently that in the world of real estate, this is THE most valuable land in Tokyo. Anyways, the store is called Nissin. It’s a great store where you can find all sorts of great cheese and other imported treats. It has a reputation for meat, which I don’t care much about, and their deli is the polar opposite of kosher. It’s full of nasty looking bologna type products. The bacon was within reaching distance of this kosher bagel. Has it been unkoshered by association?

So, after admiring this bagel’s packaging for a while, I did eat it, toasted up with butter. It tasted like a plain bagel that had been frozen and was probably not so tasty before it was frozen anyways. At least the overall shape of the bagel and the hole size made it sandwich-able, but at over ¥200 a pop, it’s totally not a repeat.

3 out of 12

Nissin does also sell better looking bagels that even come with poppy seeds or sesame seeds on them which I will gladly report on soon.

Here is a picture of the original kosher bagel out of the package and somewhat thawed out.

looks better than it tastes


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