Vie de Where?

November 18, 2009

Clockwise from top-left: plain, blueberry, black sugar.

Vie de France is a chain of bakery shop cafes found all over Tokyo. Contrary to the name, this is a typical Japanese-style bakery (perhaps the name does imply that). Some locations have dining areas, including the one across the street from my first job in Japan where I spent many a morning psyching myself up to face another day as a McTeacher. I was surprised recently, I don’t know why, to see that this chain of bakeries had started selling bagels. I couldn’t help buying all varieties available. There was no poppy or sesame, and I was initially a bit dismayed to discover that the black sugar was black sugar, and not pumpernickel, or some other more appropriate bagel variety. Japanese baked goods tend to be sweet, so I got over the shock fairly quickly.

I posted the flash-less photo, as the one with flash resulted in way too much shine. The truth is that these bagels were all a bit greasy on the surface, which was weird and kind of unappetizing. Other than that they were pretty good. Fairly light, kind of chewy.

I normally wouldn’t choose to eat a plain bagel, but if you want to make a savoury sandwich with a Vie de France bagel, plain is obviously the way to go. Blueberry and black sugar were good toasted with butter, and I actually ended up preferring black sugar overall.

These bagels are OK. I give them 8 out of 12.


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